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Wilander had problems with motivation in the smaller tournaments. Wilander's game required him to be utterly focused if he was to play well, because he didn't have a cruise game like Becker. And Mecir was his toughest opponent of all. If Wilander didn't start well against Mecir and hold his serves early on, he would be crushed.

As for the Wilander vs. Becker vs. Edberg arguments, you can make a case for any of them being better than the other two. My personal belief is Wilander>Becker>Edberg.

As for '86, thats when his motivation started to wane. He lost interest and was a little burnt out. He met his future wife that year and eventually took a mini sabbatical from the game. He skipped the '87 AO, then got married in South Africa and came back refreshed. Lendl made a comment before their '87 FO final clash that after Wilander won the '87 Monte Carlo and Rome titles he knew "Mats was eager again" Mats told himself that he would make a push for the #1 spot and at the time thought it would take a few years. He was surprised that it came in '88 because he thought he still had a lot to work on.
The rest was history. After the '88 USO it was downhill for good. I always felt he had a few more Majors left in him but.....
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