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You sound as though you are an involved and engaged parent. You know what is best for your child. There is absolutely nothing wrong with stating reasonable goals for your child. Children do not come out of the womb knowing what is best for them. That is why they have parents. Unfortunately some children have crappy parents and these children will most likely end up having crappy lives. Children are more appreciative of parents who have structure and goals as opposed to permissive parents that just go with the flow.
The key word is reasonable. If a child struggles throughout life in school, then it is not reasonable to expect for her to go to an Ivy League university. If the child has two left feet and trips over herself when she runs, then it isn't reasonable for her to be an athlete. If a child hates tennis then it isn't reasonable to push her into that sport. As a parent you guide your child, sometimes you may have to nudge them, sometimes you may have to push them. But at no time should you, as a parent, do nothing. They are children. The brains are not fully developed until they are young adults. Some of the biggest regrets that we have as adults is that we didn't do things or accomplish things when we were young. How we wished our parents had pushed us in the right directions.
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