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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post

Now, if she decides to stop her piano lessons, that ain't gonna fly.
well I knew she was gifted academically, knew she had music in her and now tennis

Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
I am hoping that tennis will help her get into a college of her choice, but I have no expectations that she is going to get a scholarship for it. Nor do I want one, as she has very high academic achievements so far and she has a realistic chance of getting into an Ivy League school or local top public universities with full scholarship (academic, not athletic).
if I were on the acceptance committee in an ivy league school and two asian girls had all else equal except one had all county tennis, I would choose the girl with tennis, that is just me. But if parents of girl was an alumni who donated lots of $ to the school, all else goes right out of the window.
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