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Default Tennis for different reasons?

Hey all,

I wasn't sure on where to post this but it was a toss up between here and Health/Fitness, but here goes, (Mods feel free to move if it's in the wrong area!) I know a lot of people play tennis to get in better shape for the sheer physicality of the sport, and I also noticed that some people get in better shape to be better tennis players.

Last night when I was out for a practice match I overheard a pair of University guys who were newer to the game saying that since they wanted to play for the schools recreation league, they better get in better shape. One of them laughed saying how ironic it was that they first started playing to get in better shape in the long run.

At what point in your playing career did you decide that tennis wasn't just for fitness, you wanted to improve your own abilities to get better at tennis?

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