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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
If they want to play, nothing wrong with trying to be the best they can be. It's called work ethic, pride, passion and fun. Remember, by the time kids get to be 10-12, they know it's no fun to suck. The hit and giggle stage is over. The fun is in playing well, improving, and being good. As it is with everything.
dood thats a massive load. So u tellin me u never do anythin u aint good at? I play off 21 n not often enough 2 improve but I still enjoy golf. Not everythin u do requires a burnin desire 2 succeed

If 10 is old enough to kno that suckin aint fun, how bout lettin her make the decision bout how serious she wants to take tennis. Mebbe she wants 2 be good. Mebbe not. Just cos u love workin on ur tennis game don't mean she will

Its a bit pathetic that u r lecturing me bout how kids should have fun. Kids r pretty good at workin out how to have fun by emself
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