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Default Fun vs Form

dood tennis aint video games or junk food

The kid is playin tennis. Gettin outside, exercisin, bein healthy. Does it matter if she does it for fun or competition? Not really. Yet all these parents r sayin pull her outta a clinic she loves n put her somewhere to learn

My dad was an olympic sprinter. When I was growin up, the only rule bout sports was we had to do two - one in summer n one in winter - for health reasons. He didn't care what sport we did, or if we wanted to do it for fun or to improve/compete, or anythin. We could quit any time, as long as we replaced it with another sport. He never set our goals 4 us, just supported us how we wanted 2 pursue stuff

result bein me n my bro never saw sport as a chore, both loved it. Our competitive streak came out naturally in a coupla things, other stuff we just did 4 fun. We set our own goals n pursued em. I ended up all state in a coupla things n my bro is currently in london preparin for his second games.

My point bein that parent who push goals on kids might end up with a success but more likely they get a kid with self esteem issues cos they r constantly performin 2 meet mommy n daddy's expectations. Tell em they gotta quit clinic with their friends 2 get better, or make it to level 6 piano, or be all-county tennis, or get into an ivy league school then suddenly they're not really doin it for emselves any more.

Give kids the opportunity to play tennis but let em pursue it the way they want. If she aint naturally competitive, don't push her to improve just cos u think its no fun 2 play tennis if u suck. Ur kids aint u
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