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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
My background sounds a bit like TeflomTom's. I grew up skiing in teh winter and playing tennis (on our own court) in the summer.

It is an unfair advantage. My dad took a coaching course (he was a very good player anyway) so all I needed was a reasonable amount of athletic ability to ensure I would be a decent player. And that's how it turned out.

The upside is I get to play at a level that actually does give me some cardio, and because I have been doing it my whole life my legs are conditioned to not fall apart too much.

I agree with whoever said that taking up tennis later in life for health reasons' while not a hopeless idea, isn't such a great one either. It is just really hard to develop a level where a player runs hard enough for long enough to achieve anything.

Although, there is a thing called cardio tennis...
It is a great idea. How much you run depends on how much you play and how much time you have. There is also exercising before the match, the social aspect for mental health, the brain activity, and so on. It is far better than taking up gym or swimming or running, and then giving up due to boredom.
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