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Default Luxilon M2 Pro

Frame: YouTek Prestige Pro
String: Luxilon M2 Pro
Tension: 48

Please read tension maintenance section first. I feel like something went wrong here...

An ease and breeze to string. The string is fairly soft in the hands and slilghtly slippery for weaves.

Note: The initial and final feel of this frame is drastically different. My first hit, which lasted a whole of 10 minutes was really great with this string. I found power, spin, and a pretty pleasant string bed. Whatever I needed, the string was able to provide. I was immensely happy with my purchase and ready to give Luxilon premium another shot.

After: I'm not entirely sure what happened (see below in tension) but the string bed just plain deteriorated. I went from being able to hit a full range of shots to only being able to effectively hit flat. Whether the ball was moving fast or slow, I could not figure out how to keep the ball in with nice, heavy, spin. It was as if I picked up 2 different frames from my first play to my next. hitting the ball flat was perfectly fine but dear God I was hitting the fence with my normal topspin forehand.

First play there was control and penetration to my serves, by the last I didn't even bother. The power factor of the stringbed was off the charts and it felt like a wet noodle.

Nice and responsive-- extra pocketing all around. Strangely enough, I was able to hit some decent drop shots with this stuff. Pretty straight forward and average otherwise.

Tension maintenance:
Dear GOD I don't know what happened here. I'm afraid to just chalk it up to the Luxilon tradition but its a possibility. The first play that I had, which was very brief, was a great hit. The strings did what I wanted them to with flourish. In between my first decent 10 minutes and the next occasion, there was a little bit of mini-tennis (teaching a student) and some hot-car action. Furthermore, the temperature on the courts for the past week have easily been over 100. I'm hoping that these "contributing factors" are the "dominant factors" in the death of this string because by the time I really got to hit with the string it was a sloppy loose cannon. Furthermore, it actually started to hurt my arm...Big no-no especially strung at 48#

I continued to play with it despite but am going to reserve "accurate" judgement until I can string this stuff up again. This run was an epic failure.

Not great, with less than 3 hours of messing around and maybe 1.5 hours of decent hitting this stuff is already notched and on it's way to popping. In playing conditions I give it ~4 hours max.

Groundstrokes: /5
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