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Hey JMcQ, let me start off by saying I'm sorry to hear about the meniscus. Have been there and done that. I have now had both knees replaced. So the doc says I shouldn't do tennis either. But you can't keep me off the courts. I have tried most of the brands out there. Trying to find the most cushioning. I have not tried the raptors though. But of all the shoes I have tried Yonex has been the best by far. I play with the 307's; not the 308's. Really love the cushioning and they are really light. Didn't like the Asics. Too heavy and not as much cushion as you would think. Give the Yonex a shot. You will get used to their looks LOL. I will also sometimes switch them out for Wilson Tour Spin II's. They have a pretty good cushion also. Hope this helps.
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