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Originally Posted by TeflonTom View Post
4 most ppl, a 5mph walk with a bit of hill work will burn more than a game of singles, even if u are playin at a high level. n most ppl arent playin at a high level

if u play enough tennis AND play at a high level then of course it will be good exercise. just sayin it aint real efficent
TeflonTom - can I call you Polytetrafluoroethylene - anyways I understand your point that if you're playing a game, especially doubles, and you're just nicely stroking the ball over that your heart rate shouldn't get too elevated. Is that what I'm doing? Do you know if I'm playing singles, doubles, or maybe I'm just hitting ground strokes and competitive points for 2 hours? Maybe the time between rallies is the time to pull a ball out of my pocket? Do you know how hard I'm swinging at each ball, how long the rallies go, how many wide shots and drop volleys I run down? Seems like you'd need to know all of that to make a statement about the level of cardio I'm experiencing when I play.
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