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Default The Dark Knight Rises stuff (spoilers)

Just got back from seeing TDKR. Since there is no IMAX theaters, I thought seeing it at a drive in for the first time would be better than a regular theater. Not so sure I made the right decision in regards to feeling "sucked in to" the movie, but it was still an epic film. Before I see it again though (hopefully soon), I wanted to see if people could talk about these topics/answer these questions.

The IGN review of the movie said there were "a few big leaps of faith required," im assuming to keep the story flowing. What, in anyone who saw TDKR's opinion, were these leaps? For me, all i can think of now was how Batman and Bane, right after the fight in the sewers, ended up in South America and then right away Bane is back in Gotham. Did I miss something/is it just me, or did they travel very far in very little time?

Did anyone else think everything after the explosion over the bay was rushed? What I remember was the burial, the will, the batman statue, Fox learning there was auto-pilot, Blake finding the bat cave, and alfread living out his hope for bruce (and bruce ending up with kyle, not 100% on board with that for now), and whatever i missed here happening in what felt like 10 minutes. Also, I think the time of us being told that Tate was really Talia to her death was kinda short to be a big impact on the film, but her story was cool and it makes the 3 movies come full circle. And Blake said that the people of Gotham wouldn't know the real hero, but wouldn't people put two and two together with bruce? and didn't Gordon not know bruce was batman, but was at his burial? I can see where maybe bruce had been so secluded that people may not have noticed, but wouldnt that fall under a big leap of faith?

Anyway, its late, and thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Dont get me wrong, I loved the movie, so when 99% of something is good, the 1% of whats left over sticks out like a sore thumb. And its not that I didnt like the 1%, i just want to understand it better, and seeing TDKR again should help with that. I felt that this was an epic film by definition --> TDKR was more about a bigger picture, where TDK was focused primarily around the Joker (but thats what makes TDK the best of the 3, for now)

So what was in your 1% ? Let me know, and comment on what I brought up above please. I may make changes to these questions, it is 3am and what im asking makes sense (for now), and ill prob have more later. Im staying on TTW for a bit longer, so I hope to read a few things before I go to bed.
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