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Originally Posted by Strobe Lights View Post
I'm still confused as to why people are ranking Laver up in the top 3 without Rosewall, Gonzales, Tilden and others in the top 10. I can't make sense of it. They seem to be making Open era lists and just throwing Laver (5 Open Majors from 6 finals) near the top.
some do that just cause he won the Grand Slam twice so he's automatically some sort of a default placement in the 1st tier....Rosewall had a pimp career no doubt, a lot of pro and amateur majors won.
I place Fed and Laver as the two greatest based on acclamation, and the then 2nd tier of best ever has Rosewall, Gonzalez, Sampras, Tilden, Borg, Nadal in my opinion
The tour needs Del Potro to be back and playing healthy
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