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Before Wimbledon, I had Fed and Laver tied, but I'm finally willing to give Fed the outright GOAT title

Also before Wimbledon, I had Rafa at #5 overall. That remains the same for me, but instead of thinking that he'd be shooting his way up the ranks over the next few years to the very top, I'm starting to think that he'll be lucky to even surpass Samrpas, given his poor WO performance and ongoing knee problems

I am actually EQUALLY interested in seeing what happens with Rafa now, in the leadup and completion of the USO, as I am in who will win the Olympic Gold (very big deals for Fed/Murray in particular, so I hope at least one of them wins it).

1. Fed
2. Laver
3. Sampras
4. Borg
5. Rafael Nadal
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