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Originally Posted by tank_job View Post
Dunno why everyone is going crazy with this Laver hype.

He has 11 slams. Sampras should be ranked higher, because.... uh, he has more slams.

There are a gazillion threads on this forum, articles at wikipedia, and numerous other sources that can educate you on Laver's greatness and why it's perfectly reasonable (even if you decide to disagree), to put Laver at/near the top.

But even if you want to ignore all of the many factors, I can keep it simple and say:

- Laver has 2 actual Calendar Year Grand Slams
- Pete was useless on clay, so doesn't even have a CAREER slam

Those two things combined, are enough for me to put Laver ahead of Sampras, but there's more than that, which can be researched pretty easily at the various sources I provided above.
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