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Originally Posted by TeflonTom View Post
dood, fo sho the harder u play the better exercise it is. i am just sayin that regardless of how hard u play it aint never gonna be real efficient exercise

i mean even pros dont rely on court work 2 stay fit. thats how u have elite players like fatbandian carryin a spare tire around. they spend time doin real cardio n hittin the gym 2 keep in shape
So true, but I'm not a professional tennis player and getting the optimum cardio workout isn't my goal, as I stated previously. I'm a 49 year old engineer who enjoys whacking yellow, fuzzy balls and would like to keep up with my ever improving 16 year old son - at least for as long as I can.

I just came back from an hour on the wall. Taped myself. Saw stuff I have to fix. I love the form aspect of this game. As a side benefit, the wall is a killer workout, even when you're hitting medium pace and working on form. You hit so many balls, and your feet never stop moving.
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