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Racquets closer to 11 ounces won't be as friendly for one's arm - the lasck of overall mass makes the arm take more shock of ball impact than one of, say 12 ounces. However, heavier racquets are harder to manoeuver - so the trick is in finding that compromise between the two weight considerations.

The Fischer Vacuum Twin Tec Pro recommendation is a good one, but in stock form, it's more of a 12.5+ ounce racquet, strung. I have had a few of those; they are VERY hard to find, and are probably stiffer too.

Other recommendations:

Other Austrian-made Fischer frames. Many models available in midplus size (9.

most any Head graphite composite frame made in the 1980's is quite arm-friendly (in fact, many of these - at least those made in Austria - are marked "besonders armschonend" which is German for "particularly easy on the arm"!).

The first and second generations of Prince Graphite Comp 110 (or 90) also.

Most any frame made by Snauwaert.

In fact, just about any classic frame with a graphite comosition of 80% or less will be pretty easy on the arm, if strung with gut, syngut, or multifilament.
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