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Originally Posted by TMCW140 View Post
Saw it last night and was blown away, truly spectacular.
In regards to your questions...
-The travel thing- I don't think this is too significant as Bruce is consigned to the pit for quite a while, so Bane's return back to Gotham actually does take time, its just not shown (as is Bruce's full recovery)
-I loved the ending, seemed to bring everything together in a great way, tying everything together. I see what you're getting at with the Talia thing, as this was thrown in quite late, but as you said, it links it all together, although I felt it devalued Bane slightly as he then becomes an accomplice.
I think Bruce's 'death' is put down to the riots- easy to lose someone within something like that, so a suitable alibi.
Gordon doesn't realise who Batman is until he flies off at the end, having made the reference to the 'hero who put a blanket on a young boy's shoulders'- ie. when his parents were killed, so by the funeral, he is aware.
Hope that clears some of that up, I've got a load of questions, but my mind is still buzzing. Epic, epic film
I def need to see it again, it just seemed like bane took bruce to the prison, told him "When Gotham burns, you have my permission to die," then in the next scene of bane (i believe the actual next scene after the prison in the movie) he is back in gotham. im not sure how much time has passed, but if it was the next scene, i can't imagine it was that much. AH! I need to see this movie again.

Bruce Wayne could have def died in the riots, especially since you saw the scenes of the rich people being raided. I just don't remember if they gave an actual cause of death in the movie or left it open to interpretation like that. And I guess I didn't pick up on what batman was saying about cape on the young boy's shoulders, because I remember the flash back to scene with bruce as a boy and gordon in the police station. chalk it up to the drive in, i really need to see this in theaters.

The ending was great, just speedy. I would have loved to see alfred and bruce embrace at the end, since alfred was so vividly upset over bruce's "death." even though that wouldnt have been alfred's "fantasy," given what alfred thought happened, i know thats what I wouldve done in alfreds shoes.

Also, regarding the auto pilot thing - the auto pilot on the bat initially not working, then bruce fixed it in a way that the bat wouldnt show that it had been fixed until Fox discovered it, right? And the movie didn't show batman getting out of the bat (thus utilizing the auto pilot), right? it's just assumed that he did at some point?

And I understand the purpose of Wayne Enterprise's free green energy machine, but I didn't pick up on why it failed (especially if half of bruce's $ went into it). again, blaming it on the drive in haha.

And did anyone else think it was kinda weird (but not wrong/bad) that right off the bat John Blake knew bruce was the batman? I understand he approved of the batman (im assuming the main reason he didn't investigate in such a way to turn bruce in), but wouldnt you say he's the only person who isnt very close to bruce that knows? and just to start off blake's character like that seemed kinda brash (or something, idk haha).

Thanks for the input!
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