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The machine didn't fail, Bruce canned it when he learned that someone could turn it into a neutron bomb. Failure was the excuse he fed everyone else.

Overall I thought it was a good film, but not a great film like the last one was. My major beefs:

- Catwoman was not a very well developed character. They never explained why she kept flipping her magical shades up and down (though they were clearly meant to resemble cat ears).

- Bane went out like a chump, very anticlimactic. I think this was the most disappointing part for me.

- Tate/Talia's death scene. Cotillard can act better than that, I'm not sure why they let that particular take make it into the final cut. Now that I think about it, the whole final chase seemed kind of silly.

- Oldman's voice seemed to creep back and forth between Gordon and something out of a Harry Potter film.

- The passage of time from the beginning of the siege until the last few hours is poorly represented. They could have done a better job of making it feel like 5 months had passed.
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