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The machine didn't fail, Bruce canned it when he learned that someone could turn it into a neutron bomb. Failure was the excuse he fed everyone else.
Im assuming that's in the movie? and if so, couldn't that still be considered a failure (in bruce's own mind), since he could not use the free green energy machine even though it existed?

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Tate/Talia's death scene. Cotillard can act better than that, I'm not sure why they let that particular take make it into the final cut. Now that I think about it, the whole final chase seemed kind of silly.
It was kind of weird, more anticlimactic than Banes imo. like i said, it was nice that she was there to make the story come full circle with batman begins, but her relieving was so late into the movie, id like to know how many minutes in the movie she was actually Talia.

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The passage of time from the beginning of the siege until the last few hours is poorly represented. They could have done a better job of making it feel like 5 months had passed.
I agree, I dont think there was a solid pattern for the way time passed when being in and then out of Gotham. and outside of the "people's court," you couldn't see much in the way of a revolution for the betterment of the citizens. I understand that's prob bc the plan was to actually blow up gotham, not change it for the people, but still
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