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Originally Posted by Agent Orynge View Post
The machine didn't fail, Bruce canned it when he learned that someone could turn it into a neutron bomb. Failure was the excuse he fed everyone else.

Overall I thought it was a good film, but not a great film like the last one was. My major beefs:

- Catwoman was not a very well developed character. They never explained why she kept flipping her magical shades up and down (though they were clearly meant to resemble cat ears).

- Bane went out like a chump, very anticlimactic. I think this was the most disappointing part for me.

- Tate/Talia's death scene. Cotillard can act better than that, I'm not sure why they let that particular take make it into the final cut. Now that I think about it, the whole final chase seemed kind of silly.

- Oldman's voice seemed to creep back and forth between Gordon and something out of a Harry Potter film.

- The passage of time from the beginning of the siege until the last few hours is poorly represented. They could have done a better job of making it feel like 5 months had passed.

At the end of the chase scene when the truck fell like 50 ft head first and Talia was about dead....out pops Gordon from back of the truck just fine and dandy! LOL people in the audience were laughing just like I was he just fine in there with that bomb in the back of the truck? Not to mention he's all old and hurt from being shot earlier.

I didn't like the new was a little overboard for my taste. Thus the ending was predictable...

Robin's line at the end was a little corny...

No backstory to Catwoman....we need that!

I wish there was a flashback to joker somewhere in the movie.

verdict.......TDK > TDKR
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