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Originally Posted by Up&comer View Post
I don't think he would switch if he didn't feel like it helped him or, if nothing else, he would be able to keep up his level.

It's also not the playing style that a racket suits, but the player. I love serving and volleying, chipping and charging, crushing and net rushing, etc. I've always played with an APD and have recently switched over to a prince exo3 tour. Neither of them are rackets known for their net play, but they were what felt the most comfortable to me. Because of that, I played and still play m best twnnis with them.
I think you may be right, I have always been an all court player but I always like new modern tech, so I was never a fan of the six one tour, then I tried it and it was godly. Gong to get the six one prostaff 95. How do you use the aero at net, for me it was too unstable and I couldn't control anything.
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