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The TGK (pro stock) version of the Prestige Pro is going to the the closest you can get to Murray's racket, unless you find Murray rackets to buy. The Prestige Pro version was the TGK 238.5, the newer paint job is labeled the TGT 293.1 (I believe.) Both are 16x19 string patterns, like Murrays. The mold has slight differences (like how far down the grommet channel extends), but the overall molds are basically the same, with main differences being the materials and construction method (layup) used for Murray's racket.

I have both the retail and TGK (pro stock) versions and I am selling the retail version because I just can't get it close to play the same as the pro stock (even after matching weight, balance, swingweight).

But without finding a Murray PT57a 16x19 (I don't know of any other pro using this drill pattern in the PT57a), the TGK 238.5 is absolutely the closest you will get (basically same mold, same string pattern), in my opinion.

To answer your original question, I believe it would be very difficult to find out Murray's "Pro Stock Numbers", since it's so rare to see his rackets for sale. But as I said, I don't believe any other pro is using the PT57a with 16x19 pattern. So if you found a confirmed pt57a that was 16x19, with a Radical paint job; I'd be pretty confident that it's Murray's racket.

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