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At the end of the chase scene when the truck fell like 50 ft head first and Talia was about dead....out pops Gordon from back of the truck just fine and dandy! LOL people in the audience were laughing just like I was he just fine in there with that bomb in the back of the truck? Not to mention he's all old and hurt from being shot earlier.

I didn't like the new was a little overboard for my taste. Thus the ending was predictable...

Robin's line at the end was a little corny...

No backstory to Catwoman....we need that!

I wish there was a flashback to joker somewhere in the movie.

verdict.......TDK > TDKR
All of this is true. I remember thinking how is Gordon ok? So that was def a big stretch. If anything, the way he looked half dead in the hospital at the beginning of the movie should have been applied to this crash.

I really liked the bat, until I saw it had that massive horizontal propeller on the bottom. I thought it would be jet powered or something, the propeller made it look clunky and outdated imo. still, i thought that the action chases with the bat made it look good enough.

Yes the line was cheesy, but didnt Nolan say he didnt want to add any of the actual comic book character renditions of Robin in any of his movies? it was kinda the one last-second way to confirm what everyone was thinking. I loved how he discovered the batcave, and when the platform lifted him up at the very end was awesome (idk if it was the camera angle or what, but it was). I literally just found this so Nolan did keep the real names for the character Robin out of his movies, but this James Blake character seems more like an Easter Egg than a legit reason to make him batman. Anyway, it was good closure for the movie.

When Selina was talking to Daggett and i think was being set up, I had to go tell an idiot to turn off his car lights (which had been on the screen for at least 10 min), and i say "think" was being set up bc i had to leave. I kinda pieced together Daggett's character purpose right before Bane killed him, but I didn't get the relationship between Daggett and Selina. I think Catwomen was a very "in the moment" character (no past, not a guaranteed future with bruce), and read somewhere else that she could have been subbed out for almost any other female hero/villain character and it wouldn't have mattered. Im not 100% with that statement, but it does make one think... Anyway, the fight scenes with Catwomen were pretty darn good imo, but where was the whip?! haha

A flash back/tie in to joker would've been cool, or what about something like an audio clip not used in the final cut of TDK? wouldn't that have given you chills? I did like that Scarecrow was brought back, and the way they made him look so ragged was great.

Yes, I agree that the dark knight was the best of the 3 (bc I love psychological movies, which the Joker made TDK into), but i think one of the best ways to see the trilogy is that the best role of Batman was in “Batman Begins,” the best role of a villain was in “The Dark Knight Rises” and for a complete emotional must-see ending, “The Dark Knight Rises” is it (
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