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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
Thank you diredesire for removing the other non-movie related posts, and for not deleting the thread entirely . have you seen TDKR yet?
Yep, I saw a pre-release showing. I enjoyed it, was surprised by Anne Hathaway's character, but agree with below, could have used a better backstory.

Originally Posted by kimbahpnam View Post
I didn't like the new was a little overboard for my taste. Thus the ending was predictable...

Robin's line at the end was a little corny...

No backstory to Catwoman....we need that!

I wish there was a flashback to joker somewhere in the movie.

verdict.......TDK > TDKR
Supposedly the Joker was never mentioned in the film out of respect for the death of Heath Ledger.

I thought the plane was fine, but the auto-pilot story was silly. Like you said... you know what's going to happen before it even takes off.
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