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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
Another thing I thought of, how did Bane know bruce was batman right off the bat (no pun intended)? was this mentioned in the movie? and from then on out, selina knows that bruce is batman, correct?
Re-watch the first one, and you'll understand. Bruce was a member of the League of Shadows, and once he decided to leave and fight the league in their quest to fall Gotham, Once Bruce left, Ra's decided to take the protector of his daughter into the League and train him. Bane knew Bruce's identity because Ra's told him.

Regarding my view of the film, while it was great, I thought it felt rushed and while it would have taken 4+ hours to tell the film's full story, I would have much rather sat through something like that rather than coming out of TDKR with many questions still unanswered. The whole side-story about Daggert and Bruce's wealth just kind of vanished. I was also kind of disappointed that we didn't hear the snap when Bane broke Batman's back and there wasn't an aura around the whole thing, because in the comics it's the focal point of the entire Knightfall storyline, which is what the movie was based off of.

Further, Bane's voice in the first scene also sucked; having heard the original audio from a scene that featured his voice over a year ago, I was disappointed that the original way Nolan wanted him to sound didn't make it into the final cut, the FX chain (talkbox, EQ, distortion, pitcher, EQ) sounded much wetter in the teaser scene than it did in the final cut. The first time I heard his original voice, it sounded dark, menacing and 200% badass. In the final cut of the film his voice sounded like a cross between a Rastafarian accent and a English accent with a bunch of marbles in his mouth, and then sent to a flanger FX turned to 100% wet and then pitched up a ton. Whoever mixed the film's audio down also did a poor job; whenever Bane spoke the audio of the scene is completely inaudible, and his voice is too overbearing and takes up too much room.
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