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Originally Posted by levy1 View Post
Ray told me today that a shipment would be in next week. I know he is straight up but last time I ordered it was two weeks more after notification.
Great, b/c I was about to give up hope. Probably gonna stock up on the Supra gut.

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
HOw is the Supra natural gut 17 G ? Thinking about hybrid with pro hurr tour or proline evolution. $21.00 is not bad for natural gut as long as it is easy to string.
Supra is great. It beats just about any $21 string out there. You're gonna love it with a poly cross. This string is dry and certainly not as elastic as most of the natural gut out there. You must be careful when you string and string it a bit lower tension than you would with other guts. If you've ever played with Pacific Classic, the power is very similar, so string it at the tension that you would string Pac Classic.

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