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Originally Posted by millicurie999 View Post
i assume if the company waived signature requirement, then it should be their responsibility for lost package. the contrary if you waive the requirement.
I didn't waive anything. They sent the package that way. When I saw it was going to be delivered when I was out of town I even contacted FedEx about holding it at their place instead of delivering it but they said they couldn't do that with my package. I would also think it was the company I ordered it from's responsibility. If they would have sent it signature required then FedEx would have had to hand me the package.

Originally Posted by cjj14u View Post
Unfortunately I think you are out of luck...

Sounds like yours is the same situation....

I even contacted the company before I ordered and told them I wanted to order so it would arrive on Monday since I was going to be out of town over the weekend. They told me to order it on Wednesday and it would arrive on Monday or Tuesday, so I did. Then it arrived on Saturday.

Weird thing is I've had hundreds of packages delivered by UPS and USPS and have never had one stolen before.

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