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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
Ordered something that was shipped FedEx Ground. It was 'delivered' yesterday (Saturday) and left at the front door; according to the shipping number.
Is this a company that you order things from regularly? What did they say? Most companies want return business - and they can write off losses. Did you pay with a credit card? Did you intentionally pick a shipping cost that didn't require a sig?

If you paid with a credit card didn't hose yourself by selecting the cheap shipping option: I'd (being polite!) call the company you purchased from - remind them you called to arrange for delivery on a day you would be home but their employee gave you bad information and the package was delivered when you were not home - make sure they understand you NEVER had physical possession of the article. If they don't budge tell them you're next call is to the CC company to cancel your payment. And you might go on Yelp and various other websites to alert other consumers of your poor experience.
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