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when was the estimated delivery date?

i had a package that was to be delivered on a friday according to the website. it didn't come. i was home that day and never left my house (i was sick). i checked the website friday night and it said that it had been delivered (or they had attempted to deliver, i forget which). it came the next day (yes, saturday)

what probably happened is that the driver was running late but wanted it to be "delivered" (or attempted) on time so he didn't get in trouble or lose his bonus or whatever.

my guess is that you package was never delivered, and will come monday. i'd suggest not making a fuss or these drivers might f**k with future packages of yours in some way. stay on good terms with these guys. one day and a little deception ain't gonna hurt ya

oh, forget it. you had a sticky note on your door so they were there
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