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Originally Posted by cjj14u View Post
Unfortunately I think you are out of luck....

I just ordered something through **** & the seller sent it USPS and the tracking # showed "delivered" but I never got it...
In my case I don't think it was stolen but that USPS mis delivered it and the person who got it by mistake kept it...

I filed a claim with **** & the seller and it was denied since USPS showed it as "delivered" and it is my word against theirs..

Sounds like yours is the same situation....

Different in that, in your case, PP was involved. If an item tracks delivered, whether you received it or not, you are SOL with PP if you file a did not receive claim.

Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
Ordered something that was shipped FedEx Ground. It was 'delivered' yesterday (Saturday) and left at the front door; according to the shipping number.

When I got home today (Sunday) from being out of town no package was at the front door...just a little sticky note from FedEx saying it was delivered but it didn't have anything filled out ("recipients name, date, etc.) or checked on the sticky note (ie: "delivered on: porch, door, neighbor", etc).

Normally FedEx requires a signature but the company sent the package where a signature wasn't required.

Is the company who sent the item responsible for the item? Ie: will they have to send a replacement free of charge or refund my money?

Thanks for any help.


Since you bought from a company not an individual, you should contact the company and tell them you did not receive the item even though Fed Ex shows it as delivered/left at door. If you paid with a cc, you can dispute the charge with your cc issuer if the company in question does not handle it properly.

If Fed Ex delivers, they do not leave a sticky note. They only leave a note if they attempt delivery, as is the case of signature required, no one is home, and they do not deliver. You might want to call Fed Ex as well to find out what is going on. Keep the sticky note obviously because that proves they did not deliver the package.

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