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Default Gulbis - potential vs partying

As I saw the LA Farmers classic coming up, I remembered Gulbis won the 2011 title beating JMDP(?) and Fish on the way, and at the time thinking this would be a resurgence for him. Of course, it didn't turn out that way, which is disappointing as I admire the shot making and talent.

The guy's a headcase and the partying has been well documented, e.g., although as a guy I can understand about this myself.

But I wonder: all said and done, with all that talent, Gulbis must want to be a top player, a contender at events? Is it possible for him to continue his current ways and still have a Djoker 2011 like moment where it all falls into place? Or can he not rein in the chic chasing - just a case of "marching to the tune of a different drummer" and he can't have a Fed/Nadal ethic?
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