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World Tennis said :
"VILAS IS N1 : When Borg destroyed Vilas 6/3 6/3 in the semifinals of the Master, many felt that Bjorn deserved the N1 ranking on the basis of his Wimbledon title, his head-to-head edge over Connors (2/1) and Vilas (3/0). Afterall, Borg did win 13 of 20 tournaments and lost only one final. But that final, his narrow loss to Connors in the Master, was critical. Borg needed another major title to go along with Wimbledon. Vilas won two -the FO and the USO- and had, overall, the best record of any player. It was not enough for Borg to simply settle matters with Vilas with a victory over Guillermo at the Master. He needed a second major championship to surpass the extraordinary consistency of Vilas' year".
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