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Originally Posted by gunnd5000 View Post
nalbandian slipping down the rankings from where he once was so this forum decide to pick gulbis as their next favourite player for the future. Claiming he's super talented.

Then when it becomes evident he isnt very talented and he kinda sucks in terms of top level pros, posters on here piece together a few pictures and interviews and claim that he isnt just not up to standard but that he just doesnt try hard in practice and goes out partying instead.

There is absolutly no way this is the case, he is just a player who flashes very hot and very cold, good wins , rough losses but no one could gain a top 30 ranking living the type of life you guys portray. He probably does enjoy to part I dont doubt it but he's hardly a sex adicted alcoholic.

You guys are gonna now come in and want to be like well Safin was and he was world number one, again he enjoyed the party I'm sure but he probably worked his ****ing butt off to be as good as he was, through training. What he created was an image and a brand behind him, which allowed him to obtain more money from doing adverts and endorsments. He created the image of a womanizer on the back of something which was probably true to some extent.

Never kid yourself, these players have to work their *** of to maintain ranking because there is always someone with more tallents whos willing to train harder and is ready to beat them as a wild card in the first round of every event or later in draws.
This is often overlooked on these boards. Any of the party animals any of us know are pretty far removed from an ATP "party animal" because they simply don't have the same amount of time nor do they mistreat their bodies in the same way.
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