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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
It's obvious from your sig that you haven't read the rules.

If you see nothing wrong with your posts, you might want to review the policies section if you want a long, and prosperous posting "career" here at TW. If you have problems with what (s)he posts, feel free to report them (listed in the FAQ in the same sub-forum). It looks like you're a new poster, but ignorance of the policies isn't an excuse

While it's said that we TW mods/admins are strongly fed biased (which I find pretty silly), that isn't the case. It seems that fans like to polarize anything possible when it comes to their favorite players.

Edit: Like I said above, feel 100% free to e-mail me if you have a problem or question/concern with any of the above.
hi moderator, i have one problem with this is the dull outlook of this forum........when is it going to be changed and some additional skins and themes added to the options in the user cp, if at all?
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