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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
He hated the way his old man pushed him into it; sent him to Bolleteri's Academy and away from his friends against his will. Now he can play when he wants - and he realizes it's a good way to keep his name and school in the public eye.

Nike didn't 'blow it' and Steffi's Adidas gig had nothing to do with it: Agassi tried to shake down Nike for money for his school; more than Nike was willing to part with. Adidas was just the next biggest fish in the apparel ocean and they caved in.
You honestly think Steffi's relationship with adidas had nothing to do with Andre going that way? That seems highly unlikely. And you think adidas seeing a chance to snag one of Nike's main guys, even at the end of his career, was them "caving in"? That was a PR opportunity too good to pass up, not to mention the chance to support good being done by the school. The amazing part is that Nike was unwilling to pony up the money for Agassi's school, when they certainly made enough off of Andre's work for years and years, and adidas was. Good to see Nike is an all-American company in the greed department.
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