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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
My wife saw a Fedex delivery guy at her office this morning so she asked him about the situation I'm having. Among other things he said that FedEx Home Delivery is horrible.

FedEx called this morning and said that now their drivers do leave a sticky note if they deliver a package. She then asked me to describe where I live and what my house looked like. She seemed to think he left the package and someone stole it...didn't bother telling her about the hundreds of packages that UPS/USPS have delivered without an incident! Said that the local office has 48 hours to find out what happened and she will call me back in 48 hours.

It obvious due to the bold lettering this is a serious issue to you.

There are issue now where a lot of packages get stolen. Poeple at the distant end are putting drugs in the package and alerting thier local hookups to where the box will be delivered. They they snatch the box and take the drugs. Bonus if there is actual somehtign of value in it.

So a guy sees a box on you porch. Takes the box but leaves the stiky note?

All in all this is a minor inconvience to you. Either Fed-ex or the company will make it right.

Also, I dont know about Fed-ex home delivery. But Fed-ex ground is actually nothing more than independent contractors who get paid a flat rate to deliver the package. A guy I bowl with has like 7 trucks now. Regardless they are only as good or bad as the guy who is delivering the package that day.
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