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Default How does your stringers table mount to the platform?

I'm interested in making a stringing machine from 'Frankensteining' my current stringer.

I'd ideally just replace the frame mounting table as I like the pulling mechanism. That is, It would be the exact opposite of purchasing a Wise to install on a machine. I want to change out an old glide bar stringer with something w/ swivel clamps and was wondering how other machine's tables were connected to their stand or base.

Mine just sits on a 1 inch diameter post that gets inserted into a hole on the stand/base in which it'll swivel around from there.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you could watch the first minute of this video.

I just want to lift off the old and insert the new. It has got to be possible! Somebody has to have a machine that has a similarly installed table. I've seen where Gamma machines have upgraded tables for purchase to install. I just don't know if they'll fit.
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