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Hey JMcQ, let me start off by saying I'm sorry to hear about the meniscus. Have been there and done that. I have now had both knees replaced. So the doc says I shouldn't do tennis either. But you can't keep me off the courts. I have tried most of the brands out there. Trying to find the most cushioning. I have not tried the raptors though. But of all the shoes I have tried Yonex has been the best by far. I play with the 307's; not the 308's. Really love the cushioning and they are really light. Didn't like the Asics. Too heavy and not as much cushion as you would think. Give the Yonex a shot. You will get used to their looks LOL. I will also sometimes switch them out for Wilson Tour Spin II's. They have a pretty good cushion also. Hope this helps.
I'm really sorry to hear about the knee replacements! If I may ask, how old were you when you had your knee replacements? Was the recovery as bad as I've heard? Now that you are presumably playing again, were the surgeries worth it?
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