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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
I use Fed Ex a lot and they have never left a sticky unless to inform me they attempted delivery but did not deliver since no one was home. When they deliver, the leave the box on the porch but never a sticky note.

Is it possible the driver stashed the box in too good of a hiding place?

It is possible someone stole the box. It is also possible the driver did not leave the box and will re-deliver today.
The lady I talked to today said they always leave a sticky note now no matter what. She did seem surpeised when I told her that there wasn't anything written on it and nothing was checked off where I could find the box.

I've looked everywhere aroumd the house 3 times and nothing. It could have been stolen but I've had hundreds of packages WITH UPS/USPS and never had one taken. My wife made a good point though, we typically don't have them left out over night. He didn't deliver it today (Monday).

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