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Originally Posted by Up&comer View Post
M2 had horrible tension maintenance when I tried it.
Blegh... I'll give it another shot possibly crossing it with something a little more stable.

First impression Still in Black:
I finally had a chance to hit with this stuff after my match tonight for a good 15-20 mins. It's what I'd like to refer to as a 60% poly. Control oriented with very slightly above average power for a control string. By this reference, I'm thinking silverstring; It does everything fairly well but slightly better than a string that would just be another meh poly. (Note: silverstring is in a class of it's own because it does everything at that "decent" level for a looong time). I found topspin to be much more effective/ better feeling than flat strokes. The ability to hit a penetrating ball is there as well as the ability to loop the ball high and deep in the court. My hitting partner happens to be a veritable backboard so that didn't really bother him too much but it was nice to have the ability to change up strokes. Overall, I'd say the strings play a bit on the stiff side. Since this frame sat around for almost 2 weeks I'm sure the strings "settled" but I'd still like to see them loosen up a bit more with some hitting. If not, I would have definitely strung a lb or two looser to bring it closer to my preferred B7 comfort level. For a string that plays this stiff, I'd expect a bit more spin...we'll see how it progresses. Interestingly enough, volleys benefit from this stiffness; they are pretty sharp and responsive.
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