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Originally Posted by PKfan1 View Post
Have you tried hybriding with poly to stiffen it up a bit?

I play full poly with the Redondo mid and it still feels very comfortable to me.
Originally Posted by PKfan1 View Post
Also how did leading up work out for you?
Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
I don't think that you want the crisp feel unless you are leading it up. Going to stiffer strings drops the power level and I think that most would prefer more power. I wish that I had played around with lead when I had my Redondo - I gave up on it because I couldn't crank the serve, and because I had problems with balls falling short if I was pressed on shots.
Last week I played a match with 5-6 grams of lead at 12. I served better than my previous match and the feel also improved. I only lost the match so I was a bit disappointed but it wasn't due to the Redondo. We started our match outdoors and I was leading with 4-0 until the lights went off by accident. Then we had to finish the match indoors but I didn't have my indoor shoes so I was a little afraid to run fast.
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