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Originally Posted by IB1B4U View Post
Why don't you post some of your perfect ladies instead of leaving tool marks? Have you even posted a decent pic within the last week, let alone the last year?
woooow.... greetings, new poster!
thanks for your kind words

i do not need to post any pictures, and i do not need your advice on what i should or shouldn't post.

BTW- this Petko picture is was not even posted by someone in this thread, so what's your point? i guess you are too defensive about her. sorry.
your argument is completely obscure.

and now- for the interesting words:
i find it funny that she resembles Mr. Clancy Brown almost identically,
and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one.

and i ALSO find many pictures of girls here that are very attractive,
and it's obvious i appreciate anyone who uploads them. i'm still entitled to an opinion, Mr officer.

so again, what was your point?

p.s- take a few moments to think before responding emotionally.

good day
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