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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
woooow.... greetings, new poster!
thanks for your kind words

i do not need to post any pictures, and i do not need your advice on what i should or shouldn't post.

BTW- this Petko picture is was not even posted by someone in this thread, so what's your point? i guess you are too defensive about her. sorry.
your argument is completely obscure.

and now- for the interesting words:
i find it funny that she resembles Mr. Clancy Brown almost identically,
and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one.

and i ALSO find many pictures of girls here that are very attractive,
and it's obvious i appreciate anyone who uploads them. i'm still entitled to an opinion, Mr officer.

so again, what was your point?

p.s- take a few moments to think before responding emotionally.

good day
HAHA, not emotional? That's exactly what your response was. I called it how everyone else saw it.

New poster? Think before you speak. Any regulars on this board will know I post here...almost excessively. Was that obscure enough for you?

I would say you do need to post since you criticize other's posts. If you're tastes are so much more elevated than the people posting actual pics, you need to post examples of your pics to show how godly your tastes are.
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