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Originally Posted by tennischemist View Post
Went really well.. love the boot time.

Also, I returned my Mac Book Air and got a loaded 13" pro. I could use the extra CPU juice for mixing and real time line-in manipulation. The display is not as good but it spends a lot of time hooked up to an external monitor.. Main Stage is some of the best keyboard modeling software I've ever used and it's only $30.
Awesome dude. You'll never want to use another PC without an SSD...haha.

That's what I would have done...thought you had your eyes all set on the Air but the Pro is a better compromise and a better value. Just looked up Main Stage app on App Store...pretty wicked if I knew much about music production and the like! haha But yeah, today's software from smartphones to PCs are just so much better with incredible value too.
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