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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
ART is correct, it does look like the PT57A. The angle is a little weird, however, if you look closely at the CAPs endings, the channel looks like the 57A. Great find!

Are you saying that I am correct ???

More, that racket was a request from Haas to Head, and was a little hard for him to get it... Head is not giving this "special PT57a" to everyone... hard to tell why, but it's some kind of exclusive prodution just only for Murray.

Last week in German ATP, "some guy" have asked more info about this racket to someone close to Haas, but no info was given free... just some words: "it's a special racket only made for him and the Scotish..."

But this one as a lot of lead under the grommets from 3 to 9(last time "some guy checked" ), and I guess silicone inside the handle.

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