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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I gotta watch this show. Im almost caught up on the books.

I knwo in the grans scheme it doesnt matter. But I sorta like to compare the differences. My boss talks to me about the show alot.

In the show i belive they never mention how Sansa was the one to go the Queen Cersei and tell that Ned was getting ready to take the family back to winterfell. I dont have any sorta feeling towrads Sansa, as she is getting what she deserved in a way. But my boss feels sorry for her and think she is trapped.

Just one difference ive noticed.
Sansa is hard for me figure out. She doesn't embrace being a Stark. She wants to be a princess, unlike Arya. She idolized Cersei to the point she played a role in her dad's death. Even after realizing Joffrey isn't the man she dreamed he was, she still felt obligated to be a proper lady and stick to him. I don't know if she's naive, stupid, and/or putting on an act. Right now she's in survival mode. I kind of feel sorry for her, but she has nobody to blame but herself. Ned, Benjen, and Arya are the only real Starks in my book as everyone else (Jon, Robb, Catelyn, Sansa) is too soft. Sansa is about as much a Stark as Theon is a Greyjoy.
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