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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Most body building guys are trying to isolate one muscle.

A Kipping pullup does not do that. When a bodybuilder does a pullup he does the dead hangs to hit the lats.

The kipping is more about hip snap and involving the whole body more. The kipping is more of a natural movement one would do if solely given the task of heres a bar do a pullup. And when most poeple max pullups the last couple look eeirly simlar to a kipping.

There is no right or wrong way to work out. It depends on the persons goals and what they take away from it.

Most poeple like crossfit becuase in 25 minutes they are sweating and feel exhausted. Not everybody wants to lift an hbour and a half and still get cario in at some point.
You don't have to lift for an hour and a half. And you surely don't need anything more than 20 mins of HIIT type cardio once or twice a week. Lifting with intensity itself gives the heart a good workout.
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