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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
Segue to real tennis discussion (since this is a tennis board, ya know)...have any of ya'll ever done/played "3-serve" tennis...especially in a social situation and in lieu of "first in"? You basically get 3 serves to start each point. It encourages "going for it" on your 1st (and 2nd) but still moves the game along. I know you guys aren't normally much for 1st-in, but us ladies play it often. This is a nicer alternative and when I'm in for a serious hit-session with a trusted partner, we have often played that way for an entire set.

Never played 3-serve and only do first-in on the first few serves when starting a set without a warm-up. Never really thought about it, don't know why.

I have played sets where you had to hit first serves on both first and second serves to help reduce the fear of the DF when going for it and to try to train being more accurate when going for a little more on the second.

Most hitting sessions we'd play 21 without serves then maybe finish up with a few tie breaks with serves. Seems like you get more strokes in that way.
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