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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
Segue to real tennis discussion (since this is a tennis board, ya know)...have any of ya'll ever done/played "3-serve" tennis...especially in a social situation and in lieu of "first in"? You basically get 3 serves to start each point. It encourages "going for it" on your 1st (and 2nd) but still moves the game along. I know you guys aren't normally much for 1st-in, but us ladies play it often. This is a nicer alternative and when I'm in for a serious hit-session with a trusted partner, we have often played that way for an entire set.
we dont need any more WTA in tennis!

just kidding actually that sounds interesting. maybe i will try that next time. by the way i was teasing topaz. which on 2nd thought is bad idea because she bought me a shirt at legg mason last year. oops!
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