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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
I meant nothing will ever change as far as these schools always going after the money first.
And you left out: 'they don't think they'll get caught because of their arrogance.'

Originally Posted by albino smurf View Post
They covered up child **** for over a decade. They should have shut down the football program permanently.
Why? Those behind the coverup are being dealt with by the criminal and civil court system? Why does the NCAA have to get involved? Because they're reputation was injured? The NCAA is a joke: the 'student/athlete' is the biggest charade known to man (see @jamesblakefan#1's comments) - it's ALL about the cash! They only caved in with the 4 team playoff because TV ratings and ticket sales for the bowls tanked - people were fed up.

Note: grew up in PA but was no fan of Joe and PSU - they played a candy *ss schedule (before they joined the Big 10), then wonder why they weren't respected. But 'vacating' the wins is stupid and does nothing to help the victims or deter others in positions of power who will turn their back instead of doing the right thing.
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